Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling I

May 30, 2019

Data and information could be viewed as records of historical events for everybody; but in actual fact it is far more than that for Professionals, data holds the key to predicting and forecasting the future. Learn skills required to understand data, identify drivers, analyze drivers, and develop financial models that interprete data, predict the future etc. Let our experts show you the way; We have helped over 2,000 professionals achieve the Mastery of financial statement analysis and modeling Summarized Course Content: - Financial statement- Explanation of basic components of the financial statement - Financial performance and interpretations - Interest and time value of money concept - Project appraisal/ capital budgeting techniques - Data analysis using Ms Excel - Financial modeling – Fundamentals


For Who?

Financial Controllers 93%
Finance Managers 90%
Treasury/Investment Managers 96%


Lagos Stream 1: May 30, 2019
Lagos Stream 2: May 30, 2019




2 Days