IFRS Master Class

Mar 21, 2019

Having problems with the new standards in town e.g. IFRS 9, IFRS 15 etc.? Having problems understanding and applying IFRS standards? Having problems embedding IFRS into your business process? Let our experts show you the way; with over 120 experiences from IFRS type engagements, our experts can show you the way to the Mastery of IFRS. We have helped over 2,000 professional accountants all over Africa achieve the Mastery of IFRS. Course Content

A. Introduction to IFRS
B. Inventories
C. Property, plant and equipment (IAS 16)
D. Revenue (IAS 18)
E. Impairments (IAS 36)
F. Leases (IAS 17)
G. Financial instruments (IFRS 9, IFRS 7)
H. Employee benefits (IAS 19)
J. Intangible Assets (IAS 38)
K. Presentation of financial statements (IAS 1)
L. Provisions (IAS 37)
M. Borrowing cost
N. Investment in associates and joint arrangement


For Who?

Account/ HR/ Audit officers 93%
Financial controllers/ Finance Manager/ Risk manager 90%
Financial reporting staff and managers 96%


Lagos Stream 1: Mar 21, 2019
Lagos Stream 2: Mar 21, 2019




2 Days