Credit, Risk & Financial Analysis

Oct 20, 2020



-          Instructor guided presentation

-          Case studies

-          Discussion session

-          Scenario and Case study sessions

What to Expect

-          Expert facilitation

-          Templates and Tools

-          Discussion session

-          Practical Examples


·         Good understanding of Ms. Excel

·         Good understanding of the guidance of IFRS 9


Who should attend?

·         Credit staff

·         Capital management staff

·         Treasury/ALCO staff

·         Risk management staff

·         Senior management

·         Bank supervisors and resolution authorities

·         Bank equity and credit analysts and portfolio managers


Summarised Course Content

1.       Overview of Credit Analysis

-          Introduction to Credit Risk

-          Understanding market, credit and operational risks

-          Credit Analysis

-          Introduction to Risk Management and Credit Principles

-          Principles of Corporate and Project Finance

-          Credit Markets, Loan Defaults, and Expected Loss

-          Business, Industry, and Company Risk

-          Loan Portfolio Management


2.       Measurement and managing credit risk:

-       Credit Scoring

-       Methods of managing credit risk:

o   Standardized

o   Foundation IRB

o   Advanced IRB

-       Probability of default

-       Loss given default

-       Exposure at default


3.       Understanding Financial statements

-       Financial statement-  Explanation of basic components of the financial statement

-       Understanding financial reporting framework : IFRS

o   Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards

o   Financial statement preparation- IAS 1

o   Property, plant and equipment – IAS 16

o   Revenue- IFRS 15

o   Leases – IFRS 16


4.       Financial Statement and Project Analysis-I

-          Introduction

-          Ratio Analysis

o   Liquidity Ratios

o   Turnover Ratios

o   Profitability Ratios

o   Leverage Ratios

o   Market Ratios

-          Interest and time value of money concept

-          Project appraisal/ capital budgeting techniques


5.       Asset Classification and Loan Loss Provisioning

-          Understanding Financial Instruments- IFRS 9

-          IFRS 9 Classification and Measurement

-          Expected Credit Loss and Loan Loss Provisioning


6.       Credit Risk Modeling








For Who?

Financial Accountants 93%
Risk Officers 90%
Senior Managers, Accountants 96%


Oct 20, 2020




2 days