Presentation Skills

Jul 06 2017


In the majority of professional and personal situations, being a good presenter gives you an instant advantage. Studies show that having good presentation skills plays a vital role in your success, as well as your potential for advancement. Today's environment requires strong presentation skills to close business, expand relationships, defend pricing etc. Internally, being a good negotiator helps you to deal with conflict, reach agreements, find solutions to tough problems, and achieve important goals for yourself, your department, and the organization. Securing agreements, be that between you and clients, suppliers, management or other outside connections is an everyday part of modern business culture. If you have presented well, the extra benefits fall to you, if you have not presented well, the extra benefits simply fall to the other party. Modern management skills rate the value of good presentation skills as vital for managers to progress their careers as the skill will be called on frequently and its results are easily measured. Equally, if you are in sales or sales management, staff representative or managing a team, the skill of presentation cannot be underestimated.

For Who:

  • Senior Management Officers
  • Managers
  • Business Development Officers


Lagos Stream 1:Mar 29, 2017

Lagos Stream 2: Jul 06, 2017


2 days