IFRS 9: Advanced Financial Instruments I

Nov 9, 2019

A lot of subject matter experts expect the adoption of IFRS 9 to be challenging; hence, the need to get the right skills to efficiently apply the standard seamlessly. The three major domains to be considered while implementing IFRS 9 include measurement, impairment and hedge accounting: • Classification and Measurement • Classification under IFRS 9 for investments in debt instruments is driven by the entity’s business model and their contractual cash flow characteristics. • A financial asset is measured at amortised cost if both of the following criteria are met: • The asset is held to collect its contractual cash flows; and • The asset’s contractual cash flows represent ‘solely payments of principal and interest’ (‘SPPI’) • Impairment • Based on Expected Loss Model • Hedge Accounting • New Hedge Accounting Guidelines Let our experts show you the way; We have helped over 2,000 professionals achieve the Mastery of IFRS 9. Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm daily Venue: GODP,76 Mobolaji Bank Anthony, Ikeja, Lagos For further inquiries call +234 8060126972


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