Organization Efficiency And Effectiveness

Businesses are under scrutiny to perform ever more efficiently and effectively. There is pressure to control spending while also improving services for citizens and aggressively pursuing important policy initiatives. The result is an increased focus on process improvement—accomplishing more with fewer resources, streamlining information services and processes, reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, and improving productivity.

GODP’s organization and process improvement capabilities help businesses optimize their organization’s performance.

We work alongside our clients in redesigning their organization’s structure to fit its mission and strategy, aligning its business purpose and improving operations and performance through a range of capabilities and leading-edge services:

  • Organizational Design and Operating model:
    • A well-designed operating model provides a clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve a company's strategic priorities. Our research indicates that companies with strong operating models are four times more likely to achieve sustained, profitable growth. Our consulting teams partner with clients to help them design and implement operating models that translate strategy into effective execution, to deliver results.
  • Business process review and IFRS embedding:
    • The adoption of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) goes beyond preparing IFRS financial statements; IFRS is a language of business that has implications on transactions from initiation, measurements to de-recogntion hence a need to ensure that an organization which has adopted the International Standards in financial reporting has efficiently built in the requirements of IFRS in its business process. Our experts help our clients to integrate and embed the requirements of IFRS in their business processes.
  • Business Process Reengineering:
    • Efficiency and effectiveness are key elements of a result oriented business process. Wastages, fraud, abuse, inefficiencies etc. however, is business as usual for many organizations. Many business processes are ineffective and inefficient, and include duplicative and manual activities. This is why GODP is positioned to reengineer the design of business processes in order to deliver efficient, effective and exceptional results.
    • Our transformational programs are grounded in organization and process improvement to enhance organizational effectiveness, manage change, and boost overall business performance.
  • Workforce Optimization:
    GODP takes a multi-dimensional approach to optimizing workforce performance:
    • Human Capital: We helps businesses plan for, build, and manage strong, productive workforce through human capital expertise and the strategic integration of talent, structures, processes, and technology. We collaborate with our clients to examine the key human capital drivers impacting performance and develop the strategies and tactics that build high- performing cultures, improve workforce performance, and achieve measurable, innovative solutions to our clients’ toughest people challenges.
    • Learning: GODP’s integrated learning solution anticipates the skill needs of client’s workforce, plan appropriately and conduct skill focused workshops to impart workforce with skills required to ensure that business exceed set targets and objectives.
  • Enterprise Positioning:
    • Clients are managing increasingly complex missions, and are required to accomplish more with less, streamline their operations, and build in efficiencies. GODP helps clients meet these difficult challenges by exploring the full range of possibilities to achieve optimal results. Our deep expertise in enterprise positioning drives mission successes in business around the world.
    • GODP’s enterprise positioning services deliver capabilities and offerings that provide clients with a clear view of strategic, operational, and tactical options to drive mission success. Our deep understanding of our clients’ culture, processes, and mission provides a unique insight for helping clients think through their overall challenges and develop viable options. Beginning with strategic up-front thinking, our involvement spans the entire mission lifecycle. We partner with clients to address challenges as varied as concept development, budget management, and operational excellence.