GOS Financial Reporter brings all management and financial reporting tools into one place, relieves you of repetitive and time consuming financial reporting task. It makes financial reporting just a click away


With the recent developments in financial reporting, financial statements have become important documents required by various stakeholders. As such, professional accountants are faced with the need to prepare financial statements periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc) for different purposes (management, statutory, regulatory etc). This task is however, both repetitive and time consuming; hence the need to make financial reporting processes more efficient through technology.

Features of GOS Financial Reporter

  • GOS Financial Reporter prepare Financial Statements(Consolidated or Single) in any reporting framework:
    • Whether IFRS (Full or SME), US GAAP, Canadian GAAP, GOS Financial Reporter empowers you to automatically report financial statements with all disclosures and notes at a click
  • GOS Financial Reporter has in-built industry specific financial statement formats and disclosures:
    • General
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas
  • GOS Financial Reporter can perform any kind of Financial Report:
    • Annual financial statement (IFRS, US GAAP, etc)
    • Statutory reports (quarterly, monthly, daily, etc)
    • Quarterly reports
    • Management reports
  • GOS Financial Reporter consolidate multiple financial statements:
    • Multi-currency consolidation
    • Multi-entity consolidation
  • GOS Financial Reporter supports Audit trail report:
    • GOS Financial Reporter reports show details of journals (adjustments, reclassfications and consolidations)
  • GOS Financial Reporter compute complex adjustments:
    • Depreciation and Amortisation
    • Amortisation Cost Using Effective Interest Rate
    • Impairment Computation (Incurred loss Model and expected loss model)
  • GOS Financial Reporter does Ratio Analysis
  • GOS Financial Reporter compute Financial ratios and interprets them for management use
  • GOS Financial Reporter reduce risk and increase confidence in the integrity of your data
  • GOS Financial Reporter report Financial statements in:
    • MS EXCEL
    • MS WORD
    • PDF
  • GOS Financial Reporter can be used for as many companies as possible


To Configure:

  • General Settings
  • Company Settings
  • Currency Settings
  • GL Mapping
  • Account Types
  • Report Registry
  • Budget Upload
  • Used to upload trial balances to be used in preparing financial statements
  • Stores trial balances
  • Report Financial Statements of Financial position, Statement of Profit and Loss and other comprehensive Income on screen, this can be downloaded in Ms Excel, MsWord and Pdf
  • Reports IFRS Financial Statements (Consolidated or Single Entity) with all notes and disclosures in Ms Excel and PDF
  • Reports Management Reports (Budget/Actual, Present/Prior Periods, Ratio Analysis etc) in Ms Excel and PDF
  • Create lead schedules for audit purposes
  • Pass audit journals (Adjustment journals, Reclassification journals, consolidation Journals)
  • Maintain audit trail of trial balance before journals, journals and after journals
  • Keep journals and print journal reports
  • Financial Ratios:
    • Set up your own financial ratios
    • Report financial ratios as required
  • Depreciation and Amortisation tool:
    • Compute depreciation and amortization at a click (cost, depreciation charge and accumulated depreciation for each asset)
    • Report movement schedule for note in the financial statement


Used to switch between groups of companies(databases)

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