Tired of Every day Fatigue at Work? Read This


People desperately want to relieve stress after a long day at work and others can’t wait for Friday to shout TGIF. It is amazing how after work a lot of people can’t think of anything else due to the usage of most or all of their energy and body sugar. Is it really true that a proper work life balance does not exist, is it really true that fatigue can’t be managed? Principles like getting enough sleep may never work in reality because of the tight schedule of many people in Nigeria. So what can we really do, let’s find out.

Fatigue is never without a cause! Lack of energy, weakness, constant exhaustion, lack of motivation, lack of concentration all point towards one direction, and that’s fatigue.

Try snacking?
Snacks are a major way of keeping your brain alert during work hours, tired of the silence and dormancy of your body during work, rejuvenate with healthy snacks.

Fresh fruits like apple, banana, or dried fruits, nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, groundnuts, chips, dark chocolates and crackers can provide some fun during work hours. It would interest you to know that snacking chases boredom away by giving you something else to focus on for a minute, and calming and comforting your nerves. A switch from highly carbonated drinks, sugary biscuits, doughnuts and too much sweets with highly carbonated drinks, sugary biscuits, doughnuts and too much sweets would do you good. Change your snacking style today.

Stop skipping breakfast!

As has commonly been echoed over the years, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why is it that people miss breakfast in a bid to get to work early, in order to make the staff bus or avoid traffic? Some others just aren’t used to eating early.

Eating breakfast prepares and charges the body up for the stress and pressure that awaits in the day and also increases your ability to concentrate. Skipping breakfast reduces your ability to combat daily stress as your body would be lacking necessary nutrients.

Proper healthy breakfast contains various ingredients such as proteins having low fats, whole grains, low fat milk, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. consuming these meals are important as they contain sources of fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and good fats that provides energy for your body and makes you balanced and prepared for the day. People who take proper breakfast show 89% less anxiety and stress than those who don’t as shown in study carried out by Mindlab Sussex Innovation Centre, Brighton.

Active Scheduling!

What exactly do I want to do today? This is a good question to ask yourself every morning as you start working. Most times we don’t engage in active scheduling and that reduces our ability to achieve maximum productivity without pressure, anxiety and overworking. Start drafting your daily schedule and watch your stress level reduce significantly.

Interestingly, scheduling isn’t effective when the schedule just stays in your notepad or laptop timer, active schedule involves sticking with the draft and carrying it out religiously. Scheduling also enhances time management as it makes you conscious of what you have achieved and what is yet to be achieved. Too much time spent thinking about the problem can be redirected to searching out solution through active scheduling. It would be very helpful to avoid filling schedule with unnecessary stuff or work that can be delegated.

Start practicing today and experience the exciting change..


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