The World of Work is Changing, Are you Prepared..

Artificial intelligence will control more things

A business is only as strong as its people and the World of Work is radically Changing; are you really prepared!


For example:

  • 65% of children in primary school would be doing jobs that do not exist yet
  • Technology that have not been invented yet would solve problems that are not problems yet
  • Today there are more than 7 billion mobile devices in the world
  • More than 40% of all Internet traffic is driven by these devices
  • 10% of the world’s clothing would be connected to the internet
  • By 2026 we will be wearing Smart Clothing that would be able to adjust based on temperature, size; even change colours etc.
  • Artificial intelligence will control more things
  • WORK is going DIGITAL
  • How WORK is Done is going DIGITAL



To be ready you would require ‘New Skills’ for the ‘New World’.


GODP is poised to partner with you to create the ‘New Skills” your People need in this “New World”.


With our presence and collaboration across Africa and Europe, we are in the best position to Partner with You; we are better positioned to create the value you require with your organization because, we:


  • Issue Internationally Recognized Certificate
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Relevant Course Materials
  • Interactive Discussions and Exercises
  • Customized Case Studies
  • Post Course Continuous Learning


I have attached GODP 2020 Training Calendar herein (


Have a great year ahead




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