Change is the only constant thing in life, and your very success in every endeavour of life depends heavily on your ability to adapt to change and whatever it brings with it. For example, new seasons demand new clothes – thicker clothes for cooler seasons and lighter ones, when it gets hot; wearing tank tops and shorts in the winter could lead to you becoming a real-life snowman!

In the same vein, changes in the country’s economic environment require that we make some changes in our habits. The recent fuel price hike has seen many make varying adjustments to their lifestyle, from slight shifts to the most drastic of u-turns. While some have totally crossed off the social events on their calendars, others have resorted to using technology more, to reduce the need for locomotion.

But change is simply an opportunity in disguise. Beyond the labour pains of adjustment and acclimatisation lies the promise of a better way.

‘When the winds of change blow, some build walls, while others build wind mills’
–  Ancient Chinese proverb

Our reaction to recent changes shouldn’t be a knee-jerk disillusionment, but welcoming of the opportunity it brings us to examine our lives, weed out the unnecessary chaff, re-prioritise and give ourselves a better chance to live balanced lives.

For one, we get to rid our life of clutter – clutter of unproductive activities, clutter of directionless pursuits, and clutter of avoidable commitments. Now comes the opportunity to FOCUS, Yes I said it, FOCUS!

At work, focus on what’s really value adding; cut down on unnecessary meetings, reports and long bureaucracies. Embracing digital marketing also gives you a wider reach at reduced costs.

If you’ve decided to cut down on social events and trips, then take the opportunity to spend time with your family, to introspect, discover new hobbies, leisure actives and pastimes.

If you’ve decided to work more remotely, you should use the time you’ve gained to discover better ways of improving your output at work, develop new skills and update old ones.

If you’ve been forced to cut back on many business activities and become a jack of one trade, my advice is that you master it better than any of your competitors; become so good that it that your brand name becomes a pseudonym for that good or service.

To thrive in the current climate, businesses must get closer to their customers. Introduce free pick-ups and deliveries, mobile offices, studios and showrooms; video conferencing, sales and support on social media, cloud computing etc.

Doing this will surely help you mitigate the challenges and improve the quality of your service.

That one’s for free.




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