Developing Leadership Competencies

Developing Leadership Competencies

The success of a company and its ability to maintain its competitive edge depend fundamentally on the talent of its people and leadership. Learn how to improve your leadership skills – identifying your strengths and weaknesses – and empower the individuals and teams in your organization to reach their full potential. Let our experts show you how to get the best from your responsibilities; we have helped over 2,000 professionals achieve Mastery.


Training Objectives

Understand your emotional intelligence, motivational influencers and communication pattern to establish a personal leadership style

Learn how to apply or adapt your leadership style to meet specific challenges

Gain understanding on how to manage the conditions that drive team performance

Learn how to coach colleagues and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver

Handle stressful and demanding leadership situations

Acquire the requisite mindset and frameworks to spearhead change and spark positive organizational transformation

Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader etc.


You will learn:

Concepts and Principles of Leadership

Leadership and Mindset

Communication in Effective Leadership

Leadership and Problem Solving

Leadership, Team building and Relationships

Leadership and Decision Making

Leadership and Motivation

Leadership and Coaching