Advanced Ms. Excel I

In this workshop, you’ll learn ways to make your job easier and increase the sophistication of your data reporting and analysing.

What to expect?

- Advanced Ms Excel Functions

- Time-saving techniques that’ll allow you to get your work done faster with Excel

- Adding and using the Analysis ToolPak to make complex data analysis a snap

- How to create a PivotTable report to quickly analyse volumes of data, generate summary views, see comparisons and reveal patterns in your data

- And much more



- Completion of Ms Excel Fundamental class


Who should attend?

- Account/ HR/ Audit officers

- Financial controllers

- Financial reporting staff and managers




Course Content


- What If Analysis

- Advanced Excel Course - Working with Functions

- Working with data using financial functions

- Recording and Running Macros in Excel

- Introduction to the Excel VBA Editor

- Creating Procedures and Functions

- Working with the Excel Object Model

- Controlling Program Flow

- Advanced Procedures in Excel VBA

- Debugging and Error Traps